This guide provides instructions for authors with accepted manuscripts.

Style and formatting guidelines for authors

In general, JNS follows Chicago Manual of Style. Exceptions are when Nietzsche’s texts are cited, in which case we reproduce the text as it was published or as it appears in a critical edition of Nietzsche’s works, except when noted by the author.

Authors should follow Chicago Manual of Style for citations of works other than those by Nietzsche.

JNS standardizes abbreviations for Nietzsche’s texts. Final manuscripts should use abbreviations as they appear on the abbreviations page.

Authors should indicate the relevant translations of Nietzsche’s texts utilized in their manuscripts in an endnote to the first reference to a work by Nietzsche. There should be only one endnote concerning translations, and all relevant works should be dealt within that same note.

Final manuscripts should not include any underlining or bold type unless these are included in original works cited. For emphasis, to indicate a title, and for foreign phrases (other than Nietzsche’s German), please use italics. Foreign words appearing in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary are not italicized.

Block quotes should be used only when the citation is likely to run for more than nine (9) lines of type.

JNS style follows standard American English. Final manuscripts should utilize American spelling and punctuation.

Final manuscripts should not include page numbers.

Authors of articles should provide a set of keywords. At the end of the manuscript, please provide a current institution affiliation or “Independent Scholar”, along with a preferred current email address (which should be valid for at least 12 months post-acceptance).

Final manuscripts must be submitted electronically via the editorial manager system.

Additional instructions for book review authors

References should be kept to a minimum, and placed in brackets rather than in notes. References to Nietzsche’s texts follow the standard abbreviations utilized by JNS.

Section headings should not be used.

A review should begin with the following bibliographical information in the following format:

Author/s, Title. Place: Press, Year. Pages (e.g.: vii + 308 pp.) ISBN 000-0-00-000000-0. $PRICE (cloth/paper)

Reviews should end with the reviewer’s name, current university affiliation or ‘Independent Scholar’, and current email address.

Book reviews should be completed and submitted electronically via the editorial manager system within the time period arranged with the book review editor.

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